Conductive Garment Socks (one pair)

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Conductive Garment Socks Kit includes:

  • Conductive Garment Socks
  • ReBuilder Electrolyte Conductivity Enhancer Spray (8.5oz bottle)
  • Attached snap connectors (one pair)
  • Instructional tri-fold

Using the Conductive Socks with the ReBuilder

(2:36 long)

Use & Description

These conductive socks offer a convenient option for treatment instead of the footbath. One advantage to using the socks is the ability to elevate your feet during treatment, allowing gravity to help reduce swelling and enhancing blood flow. These are a great option if the footbath is too heavy for you to lift.

Using Conductive Socks:

  1. Turn the conductive socks inside out.
  2. Holding the electrolyte bottle about 6 inches away, spray each conductive sock.
  3. Apply the electrolyte evenly across the entire conductive sock until the fabric is moist.
  4. Turn the conductive sock right-side out.
  5. Repeat spray to the conductive sock as necessary to maintain desired moisture level for your treatments.

Positioning your Feet for use with the Conductive Socks:

Elevate your feet in a recliner or chair, but DO NOT let the socks touch each other. If they touch, then the stimulation signal from the ReBuilder® will not travel through your nerves.

General Information


Our conductive garments carry a 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects.
If you have any warranty issues, then please call ReBuilder Medical Inc.


Connecting the Snaps

The snap connectors will be connected to the conductive garments. Simply connect the lead wire from the ReBuilder® into the snap connector. You can also remove the snaps in order to connect to the lead wires.

Note:  It does not matter if the snaps are facing the inside or outside of your skin.

Care and Cleaning

Your conductive garments are intended to be used wet. It is suggested you gently hand wash them with mild soap as necessary. DO NOT machine wash or dry! For the snaps, unsnap the snap connectors from the lead wire and conductive garments. Then dry the snap connectors before putting them away. This will help maintain optimal function of your conductive garments.