Traveling with your ReBuilder®

Many of you travel and wish to bring your ReBuilder® along on the trip with you, to ease your discomforts while away. Travel by land and sea is not usually an issue, but post 9/11 changes to air travel have brought about many changes. For the most part, there are no issues. The ReBuilder® falls into a very broad classification of personal electronic stimulators, that is widely recognized, but every once-in-a-blue-moon some over-zealous airport security officer will become unnecessarily suspicious of the ‘little box and wires’.We would like to help you with that, so you can enjoy your trip and bring your ReBuilder® along with you. While we can assume no liability for the actions of airport security, we can give you some tips that will help make things easier.


  • DO NOT pack your ReBuilder® in your checked luggage
  • DO pack your ReBuilder® in your carry on
  • PRINT OUT and pack with your ReBuilder® the form below
  • TAKE your conductive socks or gloves and the instructions for use, with your ReBuilder®
  • LEAVE extra time at check-in to deal with any issues Print Travel Form

Packing your ReBuilder® in your carry on protects it from theft, and allows you to know the moment it comes into question if it does. Having your conductive garments and the instructions with it gives the TSA officer an image of how it is used. If you do not have one, consider purchasing a ReBuilder® carry case which bears our logo and neatly stows all your ReBuilder® necessities, including the paperwork. We have written a basic information form on our letterhead which briefly explains the devices use and FDA registration. It offers directions to our website or customer service phones, should they have any questions. You can click the link provided below to print this form, as it may be of some help to you. Ultimately any decision is up to the authorities, and we cannot make them do anything, but being prepared and informed is a great way to start. Leaving yourself a little extra time at check-in will allow you to make arrangements to mail your ReBuilder® to your destination or your home, should they decide not to allow it on the plane, although this is extremely rare. They may also give you an option to pick it up when you return or stow it in a locker. Of course, mailing (or courier) your ReBuilder® ahead of time to your destination is always an option too. Always elect to purchase insurance and tracking on your package.


Since each airline has different rules about liquids, you should pack your electrolyte accordingly. You may even consider using plain bottled water to dampen the garments, foregoing the use of electrolyte while away. Although this is not as good as the prescribed method, it is definitely better than not using it at all. Of course, self-adhesive electrodes will also work, albeit less effectively than the garments.


We cannot emphasize enough that people travel with the ReBuilder® all the time on foreign and domestic flights. It is rare to have a situation, but if it does arise, these steps should help you. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee anything and therefore cannot be held liable for any decision the TSA or other airport security agents make.


The printable document above basically indicates the ReBuilder® device is manufactured in the USA under FDA guidelines and registered with the FDA as both a TENS and EMS unit. It provides the registration information, as well as our website and customer service phone numbers (8am-6pm eastern time) should they wish to verify or contact us.