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Dr. David Phillips, Inventor of the ReBuilder®

David B. Phillips, MD, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized electronic medical device inventor who holds many patents and received the Inventor of the Year Award in 1986 for the infrared ear thermometer that is the standard for taking the body’s core temperature all over the world.

The Invention of Hope: Finding the Silver Lining

Your wife could be sick, the doctors say. Really sick. The worst kind of sick you can be.

It could be cancer. It’s a scary word. Maybe the scariest. Your heart beats faster, just as you wonder how many heartbeats she has left. You might cry or refuse to believe it. Maybe you’re mad—maybe you curse the fates or even God.

David Phillips doesn’t say what went through his mind when doctors told him that his 28-year-old wife might have breast cancer. Maybe he didn’t stop to consider it himself. He was too busy inventing a product to help save her life—and perhaps the lives of many other women.

Alternative Medicine

October 2021


It is estimated that 425 million people worldwide have diabetes, making it the largest global epidemic of the 21st century. More than 30 million people in the United States have diabetes and another 85 million in the United States have pre-diabetes. This number continues to increase at an unsustainable rate.

Among the complications of diabetes is neuropathy. This condition is caused by focal nervous system damage and diabetic neuropathy occurs in up to half of all individuals with diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy is a highly prevalent condition that substantially affects patients by increasing falls, causing pain and reducing quality of life. The annual cost of diabetic neuropathy and its complications is more than $10 billion in the United States. Approximately 30% to 50% of patients with diabetic neuropathy develop neuropathic pain, which most commonly takes the form of spontaneous burning pain in the feet. Over time, at least 50% of individuals with diabetes develop diabetic neuropathy. Glucose control effectively halts the progression of diabetic neuropathy in patients with type 1 diabetes, but the effects are more modest in patients with type 2 diabetes. Exercise is emerging as a promising prevention strategy in diabetic neuropathy.

Alternative Medicine

December 2021


Neuropathy!! Pain, numbness and tingling in feet that keeps a person from feeling stable or even walking!

The ReBuilder neuroelectric system can take away that pain and return the balance and stability. That means no pain, and being able to return to activities that are fun and feel good. The ReBuilder is a highly specialized FDA cleared home care unit used in clinics around the world. The ReBuilder rebuilds the nerves by automatically adjusting to each patient's specific needs. It calms the nerves and increases blood flow, allowing the nerve cells to heal. If you suffer from unexplained chronic pain or nerve pain symptoms, then the ReBuilder is proven to be a safe and effective treatment option to alleviate these conditions.

The most notable result that people experience when using the ReBuilder is pain relief. The benefits of using the device can be life-changing! The beauty of using the ReBuilder is that the treatment is done in the comfort of your home, on your schedule.

ReBuilder Medical, Inc. conducted an internal feedback study evaluating 450 cases. This study observed several different factors to determine the success rate in patients, including average pain level, highest level of pain, and improvement in quality of life. Initially and at the end of 10 treatment sessions, the average pain level was calculated. Observations indicate an average reduction in pain by 27.35% and an increase in quality of life by 81.14%. A decrease in symptoms was reported by 95.76% of patients, and 74.56% of patients felt immediate relief after the first session...