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How It All Started...

A Letter From Dr. David Phillips, MD, PhD

Hello, I'm Dr. David Phillips, but before all the titles and inventions, I was just a man driven by necessity and curiosity.

Today, I want to share with you the unconventional journey that led me from being a janitor to becoming a medical inventor, shaping the way we approach health solutions.

My journey into the world of invention began out of necessity.

As a young father with four children, running a janitorial and carpet cleaning business, my life took an unexpected turn when my wife developed unexplained lumps in her breasts.

This terrifying ordeal led us through a maze of medical consultations, ending with a recommendation that struck me as both drastic and dismissive.

It was a moment that would change the course of my life and set me on the path of invention.

Faced with the prospect of unnecessary surgery for my wife, I was struck by the lack of sensitivity and personal consideration in the treatment options presented to us.

It was this realization that drove me to seek answers on my own. Without formal medical training but armed with determination, I embarked on a mission to understand more about the human body and the mysteries of cancer.

My quest for knowledge led me to the medical library at Northwestern University, where, disguised in a lab coat, I spent months absorbing everything I could find on microfiche slides.

It was a slow and painstaking process, but it was there, amidst the silence of the stacks, that the seeds of innovation were sown.

My relentless search for non-invasive diagnostic methods culminated in the development of the GST system – a groundbreaking approach to breast health screening that provided immediate results, sparing women the agonizing wait and uncertainty associated with traditional mammograms.

This invention was not just a technological breakthrough; it was a statement against the impersonal and invasive nature of existing diagnostic procedures.

Selling the GST system was a turning point, providing the means to further my research and development efforts.

It was a validation of my belief that with enough determination, anyone could make a meaningful impact on the world of medicine.

This journey from janitor to inventor is more than a personal triumph; it's a reminder that innovation can come from the most unexpected places and experiences.

It's a call to challenge the status quo, to seek better solutions, and to never underestimate the power of a curious mind.

On This Journey I share this story not to boast, but to inspire.

Whether you're a professional in the medical field, a patient facing a daunting diagnosis, or simply someone with a passion for problem-solving, I encourage you to embrace the challenges life throws your way.

Who knows? You might just be the next to revolutionize an aspect of healthcare.

Professional Accomplishments and Qualifications

Dr. David Phillips, MD, PhD

Dr. David B. Phillips, an esteemed figure in the medical community, exemplifies a unique blend of innovation, expertise, and compassionate care. Harvard-trained, Dr. Phillips is globally recognized for his pioneering work in the electrophysiology of nerve transmission and has dedicated over 30 years to treating chronic intractable pain and neuropathy. He is also revered for his role in educating physicians worldwide on advanced treatment methodologies.

Educational Background:

- MD, PhD, Harvard University (specialization in electrophysiology of nerve transmission)

- Ongoing professional development in chronic pain and neuropathy treatment

Career Milestones:

- Inventor of the world's first infrared ear thermometer, revolutionizing non-invasive medical temperature assessments.

- Developer of a groundbreaking Breast Cancer Detection System, validated by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

- Creator of the ReBuilder System, a revolutionary device for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy, adopted by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

- Innovator of a cure for the childhood skin disease, Molluscum Contagiosum, showcasing his diverse expertise in medical device invention.

Professional Recognition:

- Awarded "Inventor of the Year" in 1986 for the infrared ear thermometer invention.

- Featured in numerous television and print interviews, highlighting his significant contributions to medical science and patient care.

Sector Engagement:

- Extensive work in the healthcare sector, particularly focusing on devices and treatments for chronic pain and neuropathy.

- Faculty member of the American College of Physical Medicine, contributing to the education and certification of new practitioners in the field.

Commitment to Healthcare Innovation:

Dr. Phillips continues to be a leading figure in medical device innovation, with a particular focus on improving the quality of life for patients with chronic conditions. His work, especially with the ReBuilder System, has provided relief and hope to countless individuals suffering from peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. David Phillips is not only a visionary in medical device innovation but also a dedicated practitioner and educator in the field of pain management and neuropathy. His commitment to improving patient outcomes and his significant contributions to medical science underscore his exceptional qualifications and accreditations in his field.

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