Troubleshooting Your ReBuilder®

Having problems with your ReBuilder®?

Take a few minutes to perform these basic checks. Most problems can be solved at home. If you are still having issues, call customer service during normal business hours at (877) 717-5487 and we will be happy to help you, or facilitate your repair.

The most common issues can be categorized in three ways:

The flowchart above can be used to diagnose most simple problems for the model 300 ReBuilder® and each output of the model 2407 individually

Power source



Always begin your test with a good 9V battery, of 8.5 V or higher.

For the 2407 begin your testing using the battery and on the 7.83Hz setting.

Once you have verified the ReBuilder® is sending a signal using the flow chart above, you can easily pinpoint an application issue.

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