Happy Patients With Happy Nerves!

Nancy Reed

Nancy's Husband began losing feeling in his hands and once he could no longer sign his own name she researched a way to help. Her research led her to the ReBuilder. It worked on her husband after 3 weeks of treatment. After seeing this success she was also able to help a patient of hers suffering from diabetic neuropathy. Her patient used the ReBuilder and was able to find relief from the burning pain in her feet.

Mr. John

John describes his experience using the ReBuilder to eliminate pain and numbness in his feet. He used the ReBuilder Footbath and his pain in his feet was gone in 3 weeks! After eliminating his pain in his feet, John used the ReBuilder Knee Straps to treat his knees and after 3 weeks, his pain is gone! Now John uses the Knee Straps or Footbath when he feels the slightest ache come on.

Dr. Samantha Luther

Dr. Samantha Luther of SJL Wellness in Lincoln Nebraska praises the ReBuilder, it has been nothing but short of amazing for her patients suffering from chronic low back pain, neck pain, headaches, and treating the toughest neuropathy cases. Giving her patient's life back, their livelihood with their family.

Dr. Krista L.

Dr. Krista L. from Centra Health explains why they use the ReBuilder for their neuropathy patients. She tells when and why they began to implement the ReBuilder in their Neuropathy patient protocol. Because it works well and it's easy for their patients to use at home.

Dr. Kim Martin, DC

Chiropractic Physician

Mr. Tucker

On behalf of his father's success

Mr. Ken

Numbness in his feet with suffering for about 40 years

Mr. Ward

Peripheral Neuropathy Sufferer

Mr. Vogel

Pain & Helped Him Regain Balance

Mrs. Lacasse

Down to One Pill A Day After Using the ReBuilder

Mr. Bill

Bill was prescribed the ReBuilder for his neuropathy for his feet and lower legs. After regular use with the ReBuilder, his feet regained sensation and felt significant improvement and comfort.

Ms. Donna

Burning pain was completely gone after 2 weeks using the ReBuilder!

Ms. Penny

can feel her feet again after just a couple of months of treatment using the ReBuilder!

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