Dr. David Phillips, MD, PhD

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Dr. David Phillips, MD, PhD

Dr. David Phillips is a distinguished and highly sought-after speaker with a wealth of knowledge in the field of medical science. With a track record of engaging audiences at both national and international meetings, Dr. Phillips brings a unique perspective on a wide range of topics.

From the intricacies of nerve transmission and the understanding of neuropathy to groundbreaking insights into electronic weaponry and breast cancer detection, Dr. Phillips covers a diverse array of subjects with expertise and clarity.

His presentations are not just informative but also captivating, making complex medical concepts accessible to both professionals and the general public. Whether you're organizing a medical conference or a corporate event, Dr. Phillips is the ideal speaker to enlighten and inspire your audience.

Dr. Phillips is available as an expert witness.

Popular Speaking Topics

  • The Anatomy & Physiology Of Nerve Transmission.

  • What Is Neuropathy?

  • The Mechanism of Action For The Electrical Stimulation of Dysfunctional Nerves.

  • Molluscum Contagiosum – A New Paradigm For Cure With Silver Ions.

  • Human Core Temperature Acquisition.

  • Infrared Technology And Black Body Calibration.

  • Electrical Stimulation of Veins for Enhanced Venipuncture.

  • Breast Cancer Detection

  • Electronic Weaponry

Dr. Phillips is available for consulting services. His fee is $7900 plus airfare and logging.

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